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Granite State punk rock veterans, STEP 13, deliver a punch in the face with their custom blend of Street Punk / Hardcore / Oi! 

Formed in late 2016, STEP 13 brings 100 years of collective musical experience together. As Danny Wright (Vocals), Keith Richards (Guitars), John DiCicco (Drums), Troy Fraser (Bass). Step 13 set out to deliver a message of life's lessons learned the hard way through hard rockin! 

The musical influences of bands such as The Sex Pistols, Cock Sparer, The Exploited, Agnostic Front, The Business,The Bruisers, Bad Brains,Sheer Terror, Black Flag, Cro-mags, Minor Threat, Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer and The Circle Jerks have inspired the sound, attitude and aggression of Step 13.

With Ritchie and John being veteran Members of Boston legends The Bruisers, they are no strangers to punk rock. Troy is a bass thumping maniac from way back, while Danny spins real life tales of struggles, bad decisions, anger, addiction, death, broken homes, and downright disdain for the controlling class of America. By definition; American Street Punk!!!

Captain Marcos Margoni Matheus of Comandante Records records in Brazil, having been a longtime fan of The Bruisers, quickly struck a deal and pressed a limited 500 copies of the EP "Police State" on vinyl for distribution in March 2018 throughout Europe, UK, Brazil, Columbia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. 

Coming in May 2018 look for the first in a series of split 7" records. This first record pays homage to the 20th anniversary of The Bruisers "Molotov" 1998 record. Still a viable release in Street Punk history today!

Look for this record release in May 2018 with a follow up mini East Coast tour.

"kingdom come" from our ep police state



STEP13 limited edition 1st press red vinyl  "police state" EP . Side A "Police State" / "Kingdom Come

Side B "The list"/ "Aggression" 

Brought to you by Comendante Records

Made at Pirates Press

  1. Only 150 red vinyl pressed for the United States market.